Know the silicone dab rig

Some of you are exploding our web-based social networking getting some information about Silicone dab rigs. Most importantly, for those aware of everything, we have them, yes you should come in, yes they are wonderful. For those of you who are easygoing shisha smokers and are interested in the honestly insane universe of smoking other options (wink.) This post is for you.


To start with, what is Dabbing – Dabbing is an inept move that children do nowadays. Someone had this good thought if you dissolved a ton of cannabis and made a slight, concentrated, pitch of that, you could get a progressively focused high. This includes smoking a chip of weed and breathing in all the decency, yet while utilizing a bowl or a bong was a smart thought, it's not ideal for this because the warmth required for Dabbing is very high, so you need a custom apparatus.

Second, what is a dab rig – A dab rig is planned fundamentally the same as a bowl however with one adjustment. You have what is known as a nail, which is the reason you will consistently hear devotees shouting don't contact the nail. You have a bowl, where the water is, at that point, you have the nail, at that point, you have the dabbing stick since you are simply going to dab the sap onto the superheated nail (like thousand degrees, truly, don't contact the nail.)


A silicone bong is significant because many individuals will smoke an excessive amount of gum and straight drop into a fantasy-filled trance. Be that as it may, with Silicon, it can take the warmth and be floppy as damnation. So the silicone dab rig is only that, it's above, yet made of silicon rather than glass or metal or fiberglass (dear god why.)

Silicone Advantage – Silicone is amazingly adaptable and strong when contrasted with glass. It is ideal for hauling around for the individuals who need to smoke outside, and it offers incredible versatility. However, our large concern when we initially got it was "Will we be consuming silicon?" The short answer is no.

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